Employee s Report of Injury Form Instructions Employees shall use this form to report all work related injuries illnesses or near miss events which could have caused an injury or illness no matter how minor. This helps us to identify and correct hazards before they cause serious injuries. This form shall be completed by employees as soon as possible and given to a supervisor for further action. I am reporting a work related Your Name Injury Illness Near miss Job title Supervisor Have you...
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Employers can be held responsible forthe injuries that their employersemployees caused in accidents such as anauto accident or some other type ofinjury this is important because aperson who's been injured by anotherwhile in the course and scope of theiremployment can make a claim against boththe person who caused the injury and theemployer for that employed theindividual there's also recently been acase that not too long ago that saidthat if the employee uses his or her carfor employment purposes his personal carfor employment purposes and they'reactually traveling from work to home atthe end of the day the employer could bepotentially responsible for that injuryeven though it was after work hoursbecause the employer expects theemployee to use his or her vehicle foremployer business during the day it'skind of an odd thing but if you get agood lawyer he can look between thelines and between the obvious for thethings that go beyond the obvious tryingto find other sources of compensationfor you because in in accidentsoftentimes the injuries can far exceedthe available insurance and so you wantto find every out every avenue that youcan to be able to fully compensate youfor the losses that you've sufferedyouyou